I am not a certified Human Design analyst. Nor do I have the ambition to become one.

I study Human Design autodidactic daily, as well as attending courses and study groups. For me, it's not only about gathering knowledge of the Human Design specifics, but also about tapping into your energy intuitively

I am not a Human Design purist either. 
I love to combine different methods and techniques from other sources as well and use them eclectically and intuitively so that it fits your unique personality and personal preferences.

Apart from being a life and systemic coach, I'm also a business coach and marketing mentor. 
How you stand in life also determines how you do business. But even if you're not (planning to be) an entrepreneur: you are very welcome.

Foundational Reading

Request an online e-mail written, intuitive, basic reading of your Human Design chart, and learn more about how you're originally wired.

Available in English and Dutch.

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Learning Human Design

Get instant access to my Human Design e-learning platform, and start unraveling your chart. New lessons and classes will be available on a regular basis.

Only available in English.

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Deep Dive Coaching

Work with me in 1:1 online coaching to dive deep into your chart, and unlearn the harmful conditioning that's still in place in your life and/or business.

Available in English and Dutch.

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Price Your Products

Online audio training on how to price your products and services with ease and confidence: my personal insights and hands-on experience.

Only available in English.

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