Learning Human Design

Are you ready to dive into the rabbit hole?

Just kidding... I've created an e-learning platform to help you study your Human Design chart in a structured way.

I've gathered all my knowledge and personal insights into one big e-learning platform... and the work is still ongoing. You're welcome to join!

You're going to learn all about:

  • The basics of how to read and study the Human Design System
  • The five energy types and their Strategies
  • The seven Authorities for decision making
  • The Definitions and what they mean
  • The nine Centers and how they influence your energy, actions, and awareness
  • The different Profiles and Lines
  • Understanding Incarnation Crosses
  • Getting to know the Circuitry in your chart
  • Going deep into your chart, exploring the 64 Gates and 36 Channels
  • and lots more...

On a regular basis — monthly, sometimes weekly — I add new content to the platform for you to explore. This way, you can dive deep into your own Human Design chart to understand the definition and start making authentic decisions in your life and business (if you're an entrepreneur as well).

You will also get access to our online Human Design community, to ask questions and share your Human Design experiment with like-minded people. Even though you're maybe new to Human Design, your input and questions are very welcome :-)

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"Very enlightening, your explanation about being a Manifesting Generator. Pieces of the puzzle are really falling into place, and that feels great!"


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24/7 access to our Human Design e-learning platform

24/7 access to our online Human Design community

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