You should read the manual

"You should read the manual first", was something I would say all the time to my husband, who's a Manifesting Generator.

The fact is: he goes so fast, skipping steps, finding the most effective way to do something. And for me, a Projector, it feels like he's moving head-first without even thinking, or using common sense.

What sometimes happens is that he will realize he needs to read the manual after all, before proceeding. But that isn't always so.

When it is so, it's because he's responding to something in his outer reality: "Damn, it doesn't work. What did I miss?"
And the Universe then gives him that sign to re-do some of the steps or read the manual.

It doesn't matter if I tell him to read the manual first or think and prepare before doing it. It's not how he is hard-wired as a Manifesting Generator.

If I would force him to do it my way (read the manual or prepare first), then he would feel frustrated or also get angry because for him it's not the right way to go. It could potentially be unhealthy even.

For me, as a Projector, it is tough to understand how a Manifesting Generator moves, but it is essential to respect it so that I'm not getting in the way. For ManiGens, it is essential to inform others before moving into action though.

But often, they don't need us. They can do the work all by themselves.

Actually, in our relationship, working together in building an IKEA wardrobe, for example, is often not the way to go. He needs his space to do things his way while I need to get out of the way.

Of course, ManiGens also need help from time to time. But for them, it's a challenge to ask for help, even articulate in which form they need that help.

So, what you can do, when you see a ManiGen struggling, is asking: "Is there anything I can do to help you?" By asking this question, you're giving him or her the chance to respond.

Even if you get a "no", it's easier for them to respond, than to ask for help. And a "no" is okay, too ;-)

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