When is the right time to take action?

When is the right time to take action? 
For example: to launch a new online course, or bring a new idea into the world?

It first depends on your individual Human Design chart, of course. But then again, at least four times a year the 34 and 20 gates transit simultaneously into the Sun and the Earth (Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix and Cross of the Industry).

That means you're allowed to initiate a little bit — but not too much, if you're not a Manifestor or Manifesting Generator. The 34-20 channel (Power of Charisma) is the Manifesting Generator channel that holds space for taking action and bring something into the world.

But... that also means that first, you need to follow your Strategy and listen to your Authority, before taking action. If you're a Generator, you still need to wait to respond, before taking action. If your Authority is the Emotional — Solar Plexus, then you still need to ride the emotional wave, before making a decision.

At least, those four times a year, you'll know that there will be a more significant opportunity for you to take action. Mark your calendar around the 21st of February, May, August, and November, and do what feels right to you :-)

Especially when you have the 20-34 channel active, and/or your Incarnation Cross is the Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix or the Cross of the Industry, then you'll know that these are extraordinary times for you to monitor and work with.

But even if you're a true Manifesting Generator, having this channel active, it is so important to follow your Strategy and listen to your Authority, because the non-self in this channel will waste a lot of energy doing nothing of importance. In other words, you can really burn yourself out of being busy and unproductive.

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