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5/1 Emotional Projector

Some things happen for a reason.
Me discovering Human Design was definitely one of them.

Rewind to January 2014.
My anxiety levels rose to unprecedented heights.
I couldn't leave my house anymore. I felt so exhausted from the sleep deprivation that I actually thought of ending it all.

I missed my brother's wedding.
I felt ashamed and worthless.
How was this possible?

In all those years, up to well in my thirties, I did everything right. 
I did everything I could to make people around me happy, to not step on their toes, and to do what was expected from me.

And that was precisely the problem.

I wasn't me anymore. I forgot who I was. I'm not sure if I ever knew who I was.

The thing is: it started even before I was born. My conception was an accident, and although my parents loved me and cared for me (they still do), I never felt welcome in this world.

I felt like I was a mistake. I believed that I had to deserve my place in the world, that nothing came for free.

I was petrified to be a burden to others. Disappointing others felt like I was going to die.

People-pleasing: this was the survival technique I mastered into perfection.
It saved my life as a kid, but almost killed me as an adult.

Until my body said: "No more."
The anxiety and tension were unbearable. I couldn't function anymore. I couldn't sleep.

And so, I finally sought help.
For once, I had to learn to let go of control and let someone else help me, instead of me helping others.

It was life-changing.
But I still had a lot of work to do in the years after that rock-bottom moment.

Slowly and steadily (often fast in the eyes of others), I started unlearning a lot of my early-life conditioning, and discovering bits and pieces of who I truly am.

Fast-forward into early 2019: my grandmother — my biggest fan and cheerleader — died at the age of 88. She didn't have an easy life, but she was always supportive of me. Grieving her led me to be still for a while. And then it happened...

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"I'm 100% sure that you only want what's best for your clients. A person like you, I want to keep close to me."


... I discovered Human Design, as in a coincidence.

I know now — and I know this may sound a bit woo woo — that my grandmother was guiding me in the right direction.

Everything changed after that.
I finally felt like I uncovered a big part of myself. I experienced a lot of aha-moments (still!) and found a new passion that I can live on for many, many years to come.

Unlearning and de-conditioning became the main focus of my very existence.

Step by step, day by day, I am discovering my true self, and it has given me back my resilience, my joy, my power, and my freedom.

This fascinating and adventurous — although, with times, quite uncomfortable — journey has given me the opportunity to not only love myself but also to create enough space to pay forward the lessons I learned and the insights I gathered.

These days, I'm studying Human Design fulltime. 
Initially, I've grown from being a vocal coach for 12 years, into a business and life coach.

It is my mission to help as many people as I can to unlearn the harmful conditioning that is holding us back from being who we truly are.


As I empower myself, it is my gift to you to help you find your own power within.


I'm based in Belgium but I work online with clients from all over the world. Most of my clients are entrepreneurs, just like me, but if you don't have a business (yet): you too are welcome if my work resonates with you. 
I speak both English and Dutch (native language).

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I am not a certified Human Design analyst. Nor do I have the ambition to become one. I study Human Design autodidactic daily, as well as attending courses and study groups.

Relevant education & study groups:

  • B-School — Marie Forleo International
  • The Copy Cure — Marie Forleo International
  • List Builder's Society — Amy Porterfield
  • Life coaching — Civas
  • Psycho- and Behavioral Therapy — Sorag Akademie
  • Living Your Design — Human Design America
  • Understanding Human Design — Karen Curry Parker
  • You By Design — Jaclyn Michelle

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